What is the difference between the College Bound Showcase and the High-Performance camp?

Our National College Bound Showcases and High-Performance camps are run differently from each other to cater to a wide range of athletes. The College Bound Showcases are events geared to high-level athletes (Level 9/10/Elite) interested in pursuing gymnastics in college. The showcases highlight the recruiting athletes’ skills in a 2.5-hour session (more like an informal meet) which rotates through all four events. During the Showcase, NCAA coaches recruit onsite at the college Bound Showcases. We usually average between 20-40 NCAA coaches onsite at each Showcase.

The High-Performance (HP) camps are full-day events where athletes work one-on-one with NCAA coaches and other elite-level clinicians. The HP camp is held the day after the College Bound Showcases. The HP camps are geared toward athletes Level 6 and up.

Can athletes attend both the College Bound Showcase and the High-Performance Camp?

Yes, athletes, who qualify for the College Bound Showcase, can attend both the College Bound Showcase and the High-Performance Camp, and most of the time, athletes do attend both events.

When will you know which NCAA programs will be recruiting at the Showcase? I am waiting for a specific school, so when should I register?

As for the NCAA programs attending our events, we will update our website and social media as the NCAA programs register. We usually have a significant RSVP list around June 1st. Our events do fill, so our best advice is to check in weekly but not wait too long to register.

Can I transfer my registration between events?

We cannot directly transfer the registration between events due to the specific information we need for the event registration. However, I have canceled your athlete’s registration and issued you another coupon code. You will receive a confirmation email with the coupon code. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive it.

Does my athlete’s coach need to be at the event?

As for the College-Bound showcases (Saturday event), athletes do not have to attend the Showcase with their club coach. However, we suggest that club coaches attend if possible because it’s an excellent opportunity to make connections with NCAA coaches to discuss current athletes and future recruiting. If athletes do not attend with a club coach, we will place them in a squad with club coaches or S&S staff (all high-level coaches) who can take great care of them.

Club coaches do not have to attend our High-Performance camps (Sunday event) since athletes are coached directly by the NCAA clinicians in 8-10 rotations.

Can I receive a refund if my athlete is hurt or commits to an NCAA program before the event?

We do not give refunds, but we offer athletes to transfer their registration credit to another teammate within the same club. If a College Bound Showcase athlete does have to scratch and does not transfer their credit, we will still send them the Signature leotard and include all their recruiting information on Google Drive for the NCAA coaches.

When is the final schedule for the College Bound Showcase released?

We will have the final schedules released four weeks before the Showcase. Athletes will be assigned to one of three or four 2.5-hour sessions for the College Bound Showcase.